MenaPay Airdrop – complete 5 steps and earn 36 MPAY tokens

MenaPay Airdrop  MenaPay is the first fully blockchain-based payment gateway in the Middle East and Africa. This provides a secure and transparent payment gateway to enable transactions for every aspect of daily life. Airdrop description: Receive 36 MPAY tokens with MPAY Airdrop. Airdrop ends: RE-OPENED FOR 2000 NEW PARTICIPANTS Rewards: 36 MPAY Estimated Value: $6   Steps: […]

Stake ICOBLISS and earn more BLSS + Referral Competition – HOT REWARDS!

Stake IcoBliss and Earn more BLSS Token What really is Staking? How can we earn on Staking? Staking is a process which you hold coins on your wallet. It is lighter and more energy efficient alternative to Proof of Work (POV). Instead you utilize mining to discover blocks and validate transactions. Start staking BLSS token […]

TokenData Airdrop – Complete simple tasks and get 354 TDA tokens

TokenData is the first platform which extract, collect and build awesome datalake of the crypto-market to empower decision maker. Airdrop description: Receive free 354 TDA tokens with TokenData Airdrop. Airdrop ends: December 24, 2018 Rewards: 354 TDA Estimated Value: $6   Steps: Visit TokenData airdrop form. Join their Telegram group. Join their Telegram Announcement Channel Join […]

EtherDiamond Airdrop – Complete simple tasks and get 1000 ETD tokens

ETD is the world’s first smart asset blockchain. From the bottom protocol to the performance of enterprise application, ETD’s blockchain technology delivers a world-class digital asset management platform including currency, supply chain, notarization, ownership records and so on.   Airdrop description: Receive 1000 ETD tokens with Etherdiamond Airdrop. Airdrop ends: December 23, 2018 Rewards: 1000 ETD […]