The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges On The Market

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, the world of cryptocurrencies have been on a roll lately, and people have been wondering how to join this booming space. The answer is simple; Exchanges.Through these exchanges, these currencies have been able to attract millions of investors from different parts of the world. Well, that was expected.

Binance Trading

With the edge that cryptocurrencies have over the traditional financial institutions, people are hopping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon either as short-term trading or as a form of retirement.

If you’re wondering if it’s too late to invest in cryptocurrencies, the simple answer is an emphatic NO! It’s never too late. So, you want to join the world of cryptocurrencies? Then you need an exchange.

Luckily, highlighted below are top exchanges that you can join and start trading cryptocurrencies in no time.


Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Just a few months back, the exchange finalized its ICO and had been making waves since then. Though Binance operates out of China, its reach extends to numerous countries around the world. With Binance being among the top 10 exchanges in the world, the platform has shown immense growth since its ICO. And currently, the exchange has over 140 altcoins listed on the platform.

Binance is also a centralized exchange that provides moderate discounts for its traders using an in-app coin called BNB coins. The exchange also has a fee scheme that comes with a decent 0.1% exchange. Plus, this fee can also be furthered reduced by using the BNB coins for payment of trading fees. Interestingly, Binance also offers features like the Binance Angel Program, multi-lingual support, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.


The Coinbase exchange was built in 2012 with the aim of allowing users to carry out recurring trades in the investment of numerous cryptocurrencies. Also, the exchange comes with a personal supplementary wallet with both Android and iOS apps. According to cryptocurrency fanatics, Coinbase is the best exchange when it comes to trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.


Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade in more than 150 different cryptocurrencies all at once. The exchange is well-regulated and also compliant with US rules. Hence, you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of your funds. Bittrex is also one of the exchanges with the highest volume of BTC trading in the world. As a user of Bittrex, you are charged a service fee of 0.25, and you also have the chance to choose the rates you want to trade in.


Now, if you need an exchange that is easy and hassle-free, then you should be looking at KuCoin. One thing that makes this exchange stand out is the number of unique coins listed on it. You can trade coins like DragonChain, $KCS, and so on. Also, just like the Binance exchange, KuCoin has an app that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To get started on KuCoin, all you have to do is to deposit a preferred crypto coin and start trading. Yes, it’s that easy.

Another exceptional exchange to look out for when trading major cryptocurrencies is offers users a 10% discount on trading fees. Plus, the platform also has a mobile app for withdrawing and depositing funds, as well as trading cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, the exchange also supports a variety of trading pairs like USDT market, QTUM market, ETH market, and BTC market.


To Wrap It Up:
With the exchanges highlighted above, trading almost any cryptocurrency out on the market is as simple as ABC! However, you should note that there are also other upcoming and amazing exchanges out there like LocalbitcoinsCoinExchange, AskCoin, OKCoin, and so on.

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